Project Blackzone

The city is flooded by a cloud of microscopic nanobots that will eat you from the inside out, the only thing that deters them is light. Can you find your way through the darkness and survive to the evac zone?

Project Blackzone was an experimental horror puzzle game where darkness hurts you. It never quite progressed beyond early concept phase, particularly because we felt like it was difficult to keep awareness of whether light was touching you and we felt like conceptually we might not be able to take the puzzle mechanics far to make a full game. I still find the idea interesting though, and it’s something I’d like to explore again someday (perhaps in VR to solve the self-awareness issue.)

Technologies used:


Unfortunately audio is disabled in this build. In order to get the full experience, I recommend playing data/music/LookingBack.ogg in the background as you play.

Download for Windows