Elucidate is a game jam prototype developed in collaboration with Andrew Lester where you explore a world shrouded in darkness to find and help those lost within it.

The game is rendered with the 2D sprites walking around as quads on a slanted 3D plane representing the background in order to take advantage of Unity’s lighting/shadows to achieve the visual feel we desired. The sprite atlas system is custom, with a few quick-and-dirty C# tools used for building and configuring it.

As with many game jam games, we bit off a bit more than we could chew in 48 hours so the game is far from complete. (In particular, the friendly NPCs were cut due to the deadline.) We envisioned the darkness as an allegory for depression with sharing the fire from your torch as reaching out to support those important to you.

Technologies used:


Download for Windows


The game is designed to be played with an Xbox controller, but you can also play with keyboard controls thanks to Unity’s default settings: