ReumCrypt was inspired by the game jam’s central theme of cyber security. The story, as told by the AI narrator Caullus, is that you are a pen tester attempting to hack this virtual world by solving puzzles. The game takes a lot of inspiration from Valve’s portal series–even going as far as rewarding you with cake for completing the game. My main contributions to this project were creating/finding the art assets, designing and implementing the room 5 mirror puzzle, and supporting the other three team members as they learned how to use Unity for the first time.

We originally planned for much more complex puzzles than the ones present, but due to the time constraints of the game jam we did not get quite as far as we had hoped.

The game was developed for the inaugural Kansas State University game jam and included a day of public demonstration following the jam. As a result this game was actually a lot of people’s first experience with VR, which was not nearly as common back in 2015. (For context, the Oculus Rift DK2 had come out around 6 months prior and nobody was releasing headsets as consumer products yet. The HTC Vive wouldn’t even be announced until a year later.)

Technologies used:



The game is designed to be played with an Xbox controller (VR was different back then), but you can also play with keyboard controls thanks to Unity’s default settings:

Known issues

The puzzle in room 3 is a placeholder as we ran out of time, the audio cue for when you get the key is hard to notice (it’s in the dresser.)

The narrator audio system is not particularly robust, if you want to enjoy the dialog I’d recommend standing still while it’s going.

The Oculus version is the true version of the game, but it’s also very unlikely to work with modern headsets.