Logan's Slewed Beer Factory Defacement Adventure

In this game, you play as Logan, a young adolescent who likes to get slewed by drinking gigantic beers and deface the insides of buildings with graffiti of his favorite type of dog, the King Charles Spaniel.

Of course, nothing so edgy and rebellious is ever that easy. You must also help Logan avoid guards inside the Gigantic TAG Beer factory, the latest canvas for his artwork.

Logan’s Slewed Beer Factory Defacement Adventure was created in 72 hours as my entry into The Arbitrary Game Jam #18 hosted by @madmarcel. It was written in C# with help from the SharpDX Toolkit (a now-defunct rendering framework meant to simplify using Direct3D 11.) It was envisioned as a stealth game where you play as a rebellious teenager who defaces the inside of breweries with paintings of dogs.

The zany concept is thanks to the game jam’s many themes:

You didn’t have to make a game with all 5 themes, but I thought it’d be fun to combine them all.

As with all game jams, my initial idea for this game was a bit more ambitious than what I accomplished (especially since I did this one alone.) In particular, the guards ,mentioned in the story above are not present. I also intended to add a lighting system, fog of war, and additional levels.

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